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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Finding Nemo

These wall stickers are so cool. If your kid loves finding Nemo they would love this.

Giraffe Poster

The wall sticker is more suitable for the people who want to have a delicate lifestyle. It is actually a convenient and practical decoration for your home. This kind of removable decorating and style from wall art is perfect on the walls, glass, tiles, refrigerators, air conditioners, cabinets, furniture. Moreover, it is a ideal decoration for your power switch. Made of nontoxic high-grade material, easy to clean and use for long time. You will enjoy wonderful life from this exquisite sticker, what are you hesitating for? I love the poster, I gave it to a friends brother as a gift and he is so engaged into it, he writes down his height every week. 

Football (Soccer) and Basketball

I also bought this one when I bought the projector. I didn't wan't to spend so much money on a basketball hoop that i'll use when i'm bored. It's great quality and it's long lasting. My friends and I use it and it's so cool. We have big competitions.

Colorful lights

Colorful Star lights 

I've bought this product before, I fell in love with it the night I used it. It's so cool when the room is dark. 
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